About us

Bodywear, originated in the grace of god, we deliver god's love
do the will of god to innovate, lead, while adhering to god's original wisdom.
The almingty has created the future back to the original,
when adam & eve displayed perfect embodiment of the body.
With god as the mainstay of bodywear, we live our lifes to the full,
we're always thankful, pleasure loveing, we strive to excel in what we do.
Thanks to god!

BODYWEAR begins in 2016 and is associated with the TIN LUNG Headwear Bloodline
With 25 years of strong foreign trade basis, BODYWEAR investors absorb the advanced technology and process at home and abroad, based on the years of wisdom and experience in the manufacturing industry, combined with the current market trends,
Build a brand culture from the body, the mind, and the health.

  • Cooperative customer
    Since the beginning of time, God has bestowed upon each and every one of us with a graceful and exquisite body, enabling everyone of us basking in his
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  • Associated brand
    We’re always thankful, positive, unmitigatedly sincere and compassionate.
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  • Factory information
    Through the power of our heart and soul,we’re able to learn and even enrich ourselves in adversity,leading us to a rich and exquisite life.
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